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Whether it is a rented place or a newly bought home, having your own place can bring out the home improvement itch to most of us. If you have no idea where to start, remodeling your home can be a really daunting task. Below are some home improvement tips and tricks every homeowner should know to create a better home to live in.

1. How To Care For Hardwood Floors

One of the most inviting features of a home is the hardwood floors. With proper care and maintenance, it’s easy to keep them that way. Always make sure to us only cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood to avoid damage caused by other cleansers. Also, use a bit of water on cloth when cleaning out spills, too much water can damage the wood. To remove dust in between boards without scratching the floor, use a vacuum with hardwood floor attachment.

2. Silent Slamming Door

To fix a door slamming shut with a bang, put a couple of short beads of clear silicone caulk along the jamb at some of the contact points to soften the blow. Completely dry the silicone first for an hour or two before closing the door.

3. Stylish Feature Walls

A great and fast way to give your home a fresh new look is by doing a feature wall. By simply decorating a wall in your room, you can make it stylish and classy. You can install wallpaper of your preferred shade or pattern that enhances your style or you can simply paint your wall with a choice of colour that will create contrast but at the same time complement the colour scheme of the whole room.

4. Diy Window Boxes

Give your flowers a home by creating window boxes, which is a good project for beginners in woodwork. Your window box should be cut to the inside width of the window frame with a 1 1/2 inches allowance. Use a butt joint to fit the pieces together, screw the boards, add drainage by drilling holes on the bottom of the box and attach it using durable screws or brackets.

5. Kitchen Update

You don’t need a full renovation to make a big difference in your kitchen. To update your kitchen quickly without hurting your budget, you can paint old cabinets, change countertops or add new doors.

6. Update New Lighting Fixture

Give your room an instant modern look by updating your light fixture. If you have a favourite chandelier that you don’t want to throw away or you can’t change the one you have, you can instantly alter how it looks by simply replacing the candle-shaped bulbs to round ones or painting it to match the colour scheme of the room. You can also replace a lampshade or redo its cover by using a leftover fabric and some hot glue.

7. Replace A Faucet

Replacing a faucet is not as difficult as it sounds. All you have to do is to buy a new one which has the same hole locations of the hole as your old faucet to make sure that it will perfectly fit on the sink. Take a picture of the faucet before working under the sink so that you’ll know how to put it back together, shut off the water, drain the faucet and then follow the instructions that comes with the faucet that you bought.

8. Add New Trim And Moulding

Using a chic and classy design like wainscoting and moulding can give your room character and style. A crown moulding, painted in matte white is a perfect addition for both your living and dining rooms.

9. Recreate Your Entryway

Redoing your entryway is the easiest remodling that can instantly change the way your home looks. There are countless ways to freshen up your entryway such as painting or replacing your front door, changing the light fixture, getting a new mailbox or house numbers and if your space permits it, you can even add some potted plants as well.

10. Improve Your Outdoor Space

Improve your outdoor space by adding a patio or deck or improving the one you already have. To give your yard some appeal, add a garden with blooming flowers. Don’t forget to install low-wattage lighting which is an easy project to do, and to keep the bugs away you can put a few citrus-scented candles. If you want to achieve an exotic tropical ambiance, put up an accent using bamboo materials and other tropical accessories.

11. Replace Beat Up Window Screens

Add a modern touch to your out-dated brick fireplace with a fresh coat of paint. Clean the fireplace thoroughly first to loosen grime, and to aid in covering soot stains, apply a stain-blocking primer afterwards. Use a high-gloss paint to make your fireplace eye-catching.

12. Budget-Friendly Backsplash

Transform your kitchen without hurting your wallet by adding a backsplash. Not only will it give your kitchen a bit of character, but it will also serve as a wall protection from splashes and spills. A beaded-board or a tile backsplash are easy to install and you can do it without hiring a professional for help.

13. Declutter

Homeowners usually opt for creative projects that provide more storage space in their homes. However, getting rid of your unnecessary furniture, de-cluttering and clearing off surfaces is a great way to give your rooms a clean, new look without the need to spend anything.

Sarah Del Rosario is an aspiring interior designer and painter. When not working, she contributes articles at The Chicago Living.