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Log HouseCabin for your Garden

Log houses and cabins are extremely popular; they are reasonably priced, rugged and extremely comfortable to inhabit. Cabins are used as offices, dwellings, party overspill and luxury ‘man sheds’.

From the outset there are a few important pointers to bear in mind before making your purchase:

1. Make sure you deal with a reputable company.

Find a company you can trust; one with a good trading record and a host of positive testimonials. A good, buoyant, business will hold a whole range of stock options, virtually from cabins to mansions. Furthermore, look online and check out the quality of their website;

  • Is it clearly laid out and easy to navigate?
  • Is it Informative and helpful?
  • Is there a contact number for further assistance?

A classic example of a well presented website can be seen by following this link, http://loghouse.ie/. The company, Loghouse, has an excellent reputation. Check out all their options; you’ll be inspired by the variety of creations!

2. From which wood are the best cabins made?

The answer is that a kosha company will only sell houses and cabins made from the finest woods. One popular, and much used, wood is slow growing Scandinavian Pine. This pine wood is robust, weather resistant and long lasting … a construction will survive many, many years.

Although, other, equally resilient, woods are used in constructions. As a general rule, whatever wood is used, it can be easily maintained; usually requiring the odd coat of varnish every few years or so.

Your supplier will give you precise instructions as to the care and treatment needed.

3. Do the cabins and houses come with a guarantee?

Again, a good, company that has pride and confidence in their craftsmanship will offer a guarantee. Loghouse certainly have absolute and total faith in their products, you can expect nothing less than ten year guarantee.

4. Will I require planning permission?

This one really depends on the attitude of your local planning office; it’ll depend on the size of the structure, distance from the main dwelling, number of rooms etc. etc.

In short, decide what you want and then take the detailed specifications to your local planner; you should get, at least, a nod of approval or a teeth sucking shake of the head.

Don’t forget, you can always appeal against any decisions not in your favour.

Don’t go ahead until planning issues are sorted. Your supplier will, no doubt, have sound advice to offer, based upon previous experiences.

In conclusion

Log cabin/house structures come in a variety of designs and applications. Naturally, the space you have in your garden will determine the parameters of the structure’s size.

But, the benefits of an extra building, no matter of size, is potentially life-changing. The kids can move out, the husband can freak out and extra guests can stay for the weekend … at arm’s length.

Make the most of your garden’s space, and … think outside the house.