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Burglar-proof Your New Home

When it comes to home security, there can be no compromises. When moving into your new home, there are plenty of projects that require your immediate attention, and the aspect of security is often regarded as a second-grade task as you can easily think of your new neighbourhood as safe enough. However, the art and science of burglary have evolved with time, and modern-day burglars are waiting for you to make this type of mistake.

This is why burglarproofing your home should be your number one priority, especially when moving into a new house, where thieves might already be scoping out the place and making plans for a home invasion. Here are the best ways to properly burglarproof your new home and ensure long-term safety.

Deter burglars with lighting

If your house doesn’t have enough light, you are making it into an easy target, and an easy target is what every burglar is searching for. Even though the majority of break-ins occur during the day, there are still plenty of home invaders that prefer using the cover of darkness and minimise their chances of being caught.

You want to maximise the lighting inside and around the entire home to put off any potential burglars from thinking it’s an easy target. Make sure you use quality, tamper-resistant lights on your driveways, walkways and entryways and use motion sensors that will catch the perpetrator red-handed.

Use a smart keypad

The traditional button pad security consoles have been outdated for some time now, as contemporary burglars have found ways to efficiently bypass your security code with ease. A stronger home security solution is a modern wall console boasting a wireless setting paired with a stainless touchpad that will eliminate the risk of a burglar figuring out the code of your front door.

The added benefit of a smart security keypad lies in its durability and the ability to remain operational even if the suspect destroys it. This means that not only does the wireless keypad prevent the perpetrator from cutting your phone lines, but it also means that they will be unable to enter your home by using sheer force alone.

Cameras and security alarms

One of the most important aspects of home protection lies in applying preventative measures. More specifically, burglars tend to avoid approaching homes with visible security cameras and security alarm systems. In case your home has a visible sign of a strong alarm system, you are immediately doubling your chances of avoiding a break-in.

You can use fake cameras to cut down on maintenance and installation costs, but if you want to stay on the safe side, you want to install fully operational cameras that have lenses strong enough to be able to differentiate faces and capture licence plates. You can install real-time video stored on a cloud server or a wireless setting that will allow you to monitor the premises easily.

Upgrade your locks

An obvious must-have in any home protection plan is the use of strong, sturdy locks. Your locking system has to be of top quality if you wish to present an unbreakable line of defence and prevent any burglars from entering your home. The problem with most houses is that they come with stock, low-quality locks, and you want to inspect your locking mechanism thoroughly for durability and reliability.

Be sure to have new door and window locks that boast a steel frame and a unique keyhole shape that is difficult to pick or pry open. Don’t forget to have a reliable pro, as this Parramatta locksmith, on speed dial in order to quickly fix any lock problem, make new keys and construct new mechanisms on a short notice, or enter your home in case your keys go missing.

Install image sensors

The last element of effective home security entails the use of image sensors. Image sensors are invaluable in gathering any proof of a home invasion, deterring burglars from reaching inside and even scaring them away.

These systems are often paired with motion-triggered lighting for a complete effect, allowing you to snap a clear photo of the burglar, stop them in their tracks, and call the authorities.

Home security is imperative in the modern world. Fortunately, you can ensure long-term protection and create a safe living environment for yourself and the ones you love by introducing these essential security features in your new home.