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Leasing out your properties to tenants is a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure, under UK law, that the property you are leasing is inhabitable and comfortable for the tenants who are staying there. This includes having to fix the heating when it breaks down, stopping those leaky pipes, and maybe even pest control.

If you are having a pest control dispute with a rented property, you should always look back to your lease to see what rules where set out in it. Here are the general rules of knowing who is responsible for pest removal in a rented property.

At the time of renting out your property, you as the landlord is responsible for paying for and completing the extermination of any types of pests that are present before or at the time of the tenants moving in. Remember, it is your property, therefore it is your responsibility to make sure the place is fully pest free.

Once the tenants are in your rented properties, it is typically them that then become responsible for paying for and exterminating any pest control problems that arise. Always check your property over before you lease it out to make sure there are no problems before the tenants move in.

Pests are often bought into the home because of how a tenant lives, or if they have pets. This is why landlords cannot be held responsible for a pest control problem after the tenants have entered the property and signed the lease.

These tips are just a general guide for how things usually work in the UK with landlords and tenants. If you are uncertain on who should be taking care of any type of pest control on your property, refer to your rental agreement or ask your letting agent if you have one. Tenants don’t have to pay a lot of money for effective pest removal, and there are loads of tips online to help tenants and landlords out.

When you have a rented property that is infested with pests, it’s best to know where you stand. If you have a pest control problem in the London area, I would recommend these guys for effective pest control Empirepestcontrol.co.uk.