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A man’s bedroom happens to be a place that represents lifestyle – rustic or traditional, metro or minimalistic, a man’s bedroom is not just a place to retire at the end of the day but it is also a depiction of the fragments of life that holds testimony to his way of life.

After all, the bedroom is the place that marks the beginning of everything. It is in the bedroom where you are thoroughly rested, there occurs a shift in perceptions and you begin to observe more clearly. These, in turn, lead you to love more passionately and learn to enjoy the blessing called life to the core.

That is why here an attempt is made to help you with some incredible bedroom ideas that will assist to create a functional as well as stylish bedroom that also displays your masculine side. Just read on and you will be able to design the bedroom that you have always thought of living in.

Rustic Bedroom Style

This is one design that offers prominence to masculinity. In this case, magnificent wooden pieces of furniture adore the entire room. As a result of that, the rooms look like a mysterious cabin in the woods or a lavish ski lodge. The materials for the furniture should possess the resilient neutral features like that of pine, oak or hickory.

That is why it is advisable to go for simple yet heavy pieces of furniture. The bedding materials may range from anything like knit, wool and flannel to denim or cotton. Go for a headboard that is slated. For the window blinds too, you should maintain the natural blinds. That is why, opt for the wooden blinds that match with the furnishings. The shades in case of the rustic style should be as simple as blue, brown, green, beige and khaki.

You can incorporate artwork that depicts nature’s scenes. You can find graphics online like a Design Bundles svg. Select iron or wood for the lighting. To achieve perfection, you can also try a geometric Persian rug.

Traditional Bedroom Design

For this one, you should go for the heavy pieces of furniture that possess an aged look. The sleeker the design the better it is for the look. Select a high headboard for the bed for extra prominence.

Use the traditional menswear fabrics like that of flannel and wood for the bedding materials in order to gain the traditional look. For enhancing the style further cover the bedroom windows with heavy drapes like that of velvet or chenille.

Choose classical type of an artwork for the bedroom like a landscape or a portrait and go for dark coloured lamp shades that will create a warm and soft impression. To complete the look, use a plush oriental rug.

Metro Style Design

Finally, let’s talk about the metro-styled bedroom. In this case, the highlight is sleek, clean and modern look. For this bedroom, you have to go for low-profile pieces of furniture that do not bear ornaments. You can go for dark coloured furniture. The preferred shades usually are black or espresso in this kind of a bedroom.

In case of the beds you should always opt for platform beds. The colour patterns for this type of a bedroom are most likely to be white, grey or black.  White linen is the best choice for the bedding material.

For the lighting, you can opt for bright metals like nickel or chrome or choose glossy materials like that of glass or porcelain. You may select a beautiful glass statue or abstract painting for the artwork. For the complete look you try out a thick shag for the floor.

The above three bedroom design ideas for men are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom by accentuating its masculine essence and making it more stylish, modern and comfortable.