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Window Repairs Guide

Nothing be quite as annoying as damaging your windows. Whether it’s broken glass, damage to the frame, or other issues such as misting, damaged windows can take a lot of time, effort, and money to rectify.

This is especially true for replacement windows, but this isn’t always necessary. Many damaged windows can be quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost, helping homeowners to save time and money addressing the problem.

Do you require window repairs in Nottingham but are unsure whether your windows can be repaired? Find out with this guide to window repairs:

Repairing uPVC Windows

Many window repairs in Nottingham are for uPVC windows, a form of double glazing found in most modern homes. These types of windows are great for insulation and longevity, as the plastic materials used don’t deteriorate as quickly as with wooden window frames.

When it comes to uPVC window repairs in Nottingham, they fall into one of two categories – cosmetic and structural.

Cosmetic and Structural Window Repair

As the name suggests cosmetic window repairs is all about addressing damage to the aesthetics of the window, typically in the shape of minor damage to the PVC. In most cases, cosmetic damage is just minor scrapes and chips found on the surface of the window.

They can be easily repaired using a wax substance to fill in the damaged areas, making them one of the fastest types of window repairs.

Structural damage is much the same, just with the damage being more significant, usually in the shape of holes or larger cracks/chips.  They can be repaired using waxes, while applying layers of resin is another method for more serious damage to the frame of the window.

Functional Window Repairs

An often-overlooked type of window repair needed in many homes in Nottingham, functional window repair refers to hardware problems limiting the functionality of the window. For instance, broken locks, handles, or hinges are all forms of functional damage, as too are broken panes of glass.

Professional window repair companies will be needed to apply these repairs for obvious reasons, but they will remain a much cheaper option than a full replacement. The cause of the damage is often just deterioration, which can occur over long periods (even with uPVC windows), but functional window repairs can still be completed with relative ease.

Window repair specialists usually have all the necessary components to conduct functional window repairs in fast and efficient manner!

Misted Window Repairs

A common issue with uPVC windows is the appearance of condensation between the panes of glass. The damage is caused by a failed seal between the glass panes, resulting in moisture build ups that cause condensation to develop. This is quite a serious problem, so be sure to address it as soon as it appears!

Repairs should be applied quickly whenever possible, but thankfully it is relatively straight-forward to fix and will mean you don’t have to get a full replacement – only the glass and seals need replaced which is simple enough for window repair specialists.

As shown by the above, getting your windows fixed quickly will always give you the best chance of saving money by avoiding the need for replacements. There’s many great businesses offering window repairs here in Nottingham, so make the most of their services to save time, money and hassle!