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bigger space

Bigger Space

As I mentioned in my previous post, people are starting to expand their home rather than upsizing. Considering the uncertain economic climate it does appear that increasing the size of your home is the smarter route to take e.g. garage conversions.

Not to mention all the other benefits that come with having an extension built, but it also can significantly increase the value of your home.

Automated Controls

Reminded by a previous post last year in April I mentioned that ‘Smart Homes’ were starting to pick up a trend in 2014, and it has carried on into 2015! Slowly building up in popularity, people are finding that having thermostat controls, lighting etc automated a big help.

We all need ‘One less job to do’ around the house and things like being able to preheat your oven via your smart phone is just what we need! If you haven’t already started this then you need to get on it now, trust me, it saves a great deal of stress.

Bi-Fold Doors

Steadily increasing in popularity, bi-fold doors are on the right track to be the hottest trend of 2015! Bi-fold doors create a smooth transition between rooms or outdoor spaces for a light airy atmosphere which makes them perfect for an ever expanding household.

Renewable Technology

I know I go on about renewable technology a lot here, but its growth over the recent years is incredible! For example by the end of 2015 Germany expect to have 80% of its energy coming from renewable technology. It’s the next quantum leap in the way we produce energy either it be via big commercial farms or domestically on your roof essentially paying for your own electricity bill, come on, that’s pretty cool in itself!

Right now is the best time to cash in on the RHI scheme because the government our lowering it every year. The average lifetime of a Solar PV system is 20 years with a predicted savings over £17,000 in that time scale. Think about what you could do with that money e.g. Worrying about not being able to pay for your newborn’s Uni fees already?! £17,000 could cover the costs in time for Baby (Apologies for shamefully tugging at the heart strings).

However it’s not just Solar you can invest in, there’s Heat Pumps and Biomass too that pay more on the RHI than Solar does!


Conservatories look set to regain their popularity in 2015. After the little fad in the early 2000’s conservatories haven’t really gained that phenomenal status since, until now.  We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in homeowners wanted quotes for conservatories because they want the extra space!

With materials to suit any home they are the perfect way to  blur the boundaries between the inside and outside of your home.