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Spray foam insulation is an innovative solution that can be used both domestically and commercially. In your home, this can be applied by a professional inside your ceilings, walls, and underfloors. As an effective form of insulation, polyurethane spray foam can stop hot or cold air from escaping. It also has fireproofing, soundproofing, and moisture resistant properties.

This unique product can be used commercially to regulate the temperature of tools and piping. Although this can be a premium option and something that must be installed correctly, it is well worth the investment:

Reducing Energy Bills

Energy bills are a big expense for most households. Quality insulation will take the pressure off your heating and cooling as your home will stay at a more comfortable temperature. As up to 40% of your heating and cooling can disappear without insulation, it can make a significant difference to your power bills.

Spray insulation is an excellent choice as it offers superior thermal performance. It can be applied either before or after building construction and the results will be felt immediately. With a more consistent indoor climate you may be able to turn off your heater or air conditioner without sacrificing a comfortable room temperature.

Outlasting the Competition

There is a range of insulation products on the market, but the polyurethane spray foam is one that really stands out. As this plastic based solution is applied, the chemicals react and it turns into a foam before setting firmly in place. Due to the flexibility of spray insulation, it can mould into any grooves and crevices, leaving you with a tighter seal.

Sometimes this product may have a slightly higher initial outlay but over time it is an investment that pays off. When applied correctly this insulation can potentially last indefinitely. 

When compared to insulation batts, the results speak for themselves. Batts typically last up to 20 years before breaking apart as long as the conditions are optimal. Any moisture, pests, or dust can prevent the insulation working as effectively as it should. Additionally, if any holes form your air can leak, reducing the thermal performance. Due to the longevity and durability of spray insulation, damage will be far less likely. To eliminate any expense, time, and frustration, we recommend you get it right the first time, and spray insulation will outlast the competition. 

As you don’t have to worry about repairing, maintaining, or repairing this solution, it will save you money over time.

A Boost to Workplace Productivity

When used in the workplace, this type of insulation can increase productivity and keep your team happy. Industrial buildings can heat up quickly, and this can help maintain a better environment for working. 

Any tools, piping, and equipment that heats up can cause injury. When you spray a thin layer of insulation on these the risk of burns can be eliminated. With happier staff and a safer environment, there will be fewer sick days. This can have a direct impact on company profit.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, polyurethane spray foam can save you money!