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Deterring Rodents Without Chemicals

Living green isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to pest control. If you have pets or children in your home that you don’t want chemicals and pesticides around, you may to consider using some all natural solutions to pest prevention instead. Many people are looking to the pest control industry to come up with a way of achieving rodent pest control without having to use harsh chemicals.

Here are some great tips and useful information on what you can do to deter rodents naturally.

  • Dryer sheets – Rodents absolutely hate dryer sheets. Look around your home and see where there are the most gnaw marks or droppings. These are the places you need to put the dryer sheets. Because rodents hate the smell of them, they will soon move out of your home. Put a few sheets in your wardrobes, or block up any rodent entry holes with them too. This will stop them entering your home, and also make them leave and not come back.
  • Peppermint oil – Many pests not just rodents hate the smell of peppermint oil because it’s so harsh. If you love the smell of it, go crazy and put it all over the house. Look for where the rodents tend to spend a lot of time, and give it a good spray with some oil. You’ll notice they won’t frequent that spot much anymore. The spray has to be reapplied a lot for this to work and have the positive results you want though. So it does require a lot of dedication, but it does help if you stick at it.
  • Get a pet – If you love animals and have been wanting a pet, now be the time. Cats and dogs are great rodent deterrents. Try giving a rescue animal a home if you can, or visit one of your local shelters to see if they have the pet for you. It’s an easy form of pest control, and you get a little furry friend as well.

Getting rid of rodents without chemicals isn’t impossible, but it is hard work. Try visiting this site for rodent control in London if you’ve exhausted all of the natural options and have nowhere left to turn.

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