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Explaining the increase conservatories

Conservatory companies report another record week in sales, it’s apparent that conservatories are coming back in trend this year, as homeowners look to invest in a conservatory to experience the warm glow of the sun in the unique way it provides.

Why the increase in popularity?

Conservatories have always been a versatile living space, especially for families. Being able to act as breakfast/dining rooms, family dens, studies, it’s extremely convenient for those who need the extra room. Becoming a credible smart investment for home-owners, a conservatory is definitely attracting the majority of home-owners and would explain the rise in sales recently.


The rise in popularity would suggest that potential property buyers will be looking for houses with a conservatory. Having one can adds to home value of 50% to 133% of typical costs incurred. Typically £16k spent can convert into as much as a £22k increase in value, according to the ‘Market Oracle.' For people looking to sell this would be an almost crucial accessory to have, as it would generate more interest in your property and increase its value.

All reasons considered, it is certainly undeniable a conservatory would be beneficial for any home, being versatile, attractive and a smart investment.

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